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Australia has enrolled 720,150 students as of September 2019, maintaining a steady flow of international students, achieving double-digit growth of 11 per cent compared to the same period last year. These numbers not only determine major economic changes, but also position Australia as the world's second-largest study destination after the United States. Australia as a country attracts students from all over the world for a variety of reasons. Like any other country, Australia has some of the best universities in the world, steady innovation, excellent teachers and a quality education system. So how much does it cost to study in Australia?

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Tuition fees for studying in Australia Let's take a look at the cost of education in Australia for international students at different stages. The table below provides broad advice on a range of fees for different types of qualifications for Australian students, but applicants should note that these fees do not cover veterinary and medical courses.
Bachelor's Degree $20,000-$45,000 Master's Degree $22,000-$50,000 Doctorate $18,000-$42,000 Vocational Education and Training $4,000-$22,000 English Language Study $300/week
cost of living in australia

In addition to tuition fees, applicants must also deal with the second largest expense, living expenses – housing. The fact that a good standard of living makes Australian cities stand out also results in a rather high cost of living. 澳洲升學顧問 are different boarding options and different rentals available for students who want to study in Australia.

Hotels and guesthouses $90-$150 per week/AU$ Shared rent $95-$215 per week/AU$ On-campus accommodation $110-$280 per week/AU$ Homestay $235-$325 per week/AU$ Weekly rent $185-$440 per week Boarding schools $11,000-$22,000 per year

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