28 Jun

If you look around your desk, purse or closet right away, it's probably a business gift or a company memento. Business gifts are primarily free items that include company names, logos and information such as pens, shirts, mugs, calendars and other goodies. Business gifts are considered to be one of the first techniques used in advertising. This is the main reason why companies still use this free gift advertising method today.

Why do people choose business gifts?

According to a survey, U.S. companies spend $20 billion annually on promotional items. For the modern marketer, promotional items and new forms of advertising are inextricably linked. Additionally, Fortune 500 companies like Pfizer, General Motors, and AT&T spent $85, $80, and $58 million, respectively, on giveaways. This confirms that the promoted product works, but how does it work?

Why make business gifts a great marketing tool?

Promotional items (禮品公司 )have been around for centuries, and an important reason is to keep them from becoming obsolete. Here are specific reasons why choosing business gifts is an effective way to promote a product you are promoting.

Business Gifts - The Principle of Reciprocity

To successfully promote your company, you must understand what your customers are thinking and reacting to. This is why many successful marketers often hire psychologists to learn more about their customers and engage them. The theory is that when one gives, there is nothing to lose, people give and others get. Then they also give and others receive. Sound complicated? This process is transactional in nature and is beneficial to society in the early stages of shortages of goods and services. Evolution is rooted in our brains, and when we get something, we feel like we need to unknowingly give something back. This proves that promotional items are an effective advertising method. Because it's so attractive, you can even buy what we call compulsive consumers.

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